Mid-summer goal re-think

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Well, summer holidays are officially half over. Some of you will be saddened by that comment. Others will be jumping for joy. Kind of depends whether your kids are easily entertained and self-motivated or whether they bore quickly, as mine do.

Although I do love summer (now that the good weather has finally arrived), I long for the schedules and routines that the start of the school year brings. I find it oh so difficult to stick to healthy meal plans and exercise regimes when life is full of holidays, spontaneous outings and entertaining.

Given that there are only five weeks left until my children are back at school, I’ve been thinking about how I’ll get through them with figure and fitness intact.

Teaching classes is not enough for me; like any activity that you do regularly, progression and variety are what lead to physical change. Although I try and mix it up, I just can’t lift as heavy in class as I do in the weight room, and for me, that’s what makes the difference.

While many of you thrive on home workouts (you did see my at-home-with-the-kids workout video, right?), I find it extremely difficult to ‘bring my work home’. I prefer to drive to the gym, get it done there and use my backyard and playroom for relaxation.

Knowing what doesn’t work for you personally is half the battle. The other half is making the time to do what you must. And this summer, I haven’t always done that.

While I usually caution my clients (particularly those with school-age children) not to expect great progress towards their goals during the summer, I do suggest a minimum level of commitment to nutrition and exercise so as not to lose any ground. Just maintain the status quo.

With that in mind, here’s what I’m planning to do in the weeks leading up to September;

1) Be more mindful of my water intake; when I’m not in the gym, I tend to forget to drink. One big glass before and with each meal gets me towards my daily goal. Having a pot of ice cold green tea to sip from helps too. (I’m loving Tetley’s Blueberry Green these days.)

2) Get to the gym for two weight room sessions per week. Get up and go before hubby needs to start his work day.

3) Sub as many spin classes as I can! Spinning is the best form of cardio for me and the time flies much more quickly when I’m the teacher (as opposed to a participant in another teacher’s class; wonder why that is?).

4) Enjoy a few more days of relaxation and knitting in the garden. Rest is just as important as strength training for muscle growth. Plus, the sunny weather won’t be here forever (and probably only for another week or two in the Pacific Northwest…).

5) Create an inspiration board to help me keep moving towards my health and fitness goals. I’ve started one on Pinterest; you can find me there as ‘fitknitchick’.

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Are you still on track with your summer health and fitness goals?

How frequently do you review and update your goals?

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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. My summer goals have been derailed recently circumstances beyond my control 😛 So totally frustrating! But I am now trying to salvage what I can 🙂

    Found you through the Fitness Friday Hop!

  2. I love my boards on Pinterest for inspiration (and organizing recipes!).

    As of about 9 months ago I became a workout at home person. After many years at the gym I never thought it would happen. It was one of my best decisions ever. My cross training is more consistent and the convenience is invaluable. Like you said, the key is finding what works for you.

    Have a great day!

    Life…as I see it [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

    • Hi Jill,
      I think if I didn’t work in a gym, I would enjoy working out at home. But as it is, looking at weights and exercise balls and yoga mats in my Rec room feels like I never left work for the day!
      As long as we find a way to get it done, that’s all that counts!

  3. I go to 6 or 7 cross training classes/week plus run 3 or 4 times/week(wow, and I wonder why I’m so tired…LOL). I’m hoping to be able to keep this up when my son goes back to school, but we’ll see…it is a juggling act for sure!

    • Jennifer, don’t forget about rest days. That’s when all the big muscle gains happen. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but if your stop seeing change in your body, you might just be over-doing it. I know, sounds weird to do less, but sometimes it results in big change!

  4. A great reminder here that perfection isn’t as much the goal as finding what works and maintaining while we enjoy this time. Thanks for another thoughtful post.

  5. Oh it makes my stomach a little sick to think about summer coming to an end!! I’m a teacher so I love my summer home with my chickie!! That being said I needed the reminder to get my rear in gear towards my summer goals!!

  6. I am sooooo jealous of you having 5 weeks of summer left. Mine is over. And I miss summer. My kids are easily entertained. But you are right, having a great routine is something that will be great to get back. And I am so not a workout at home person!