What would you pack for a sock knitting convention?

Sock Summit is almost here! Four days of knitting, learning, shopping and eating with 1800 of my closest online friends! What could be more fun?

I’ve been busily making lists of what to take (and what to leave at home; I imagine there will be yarn swifts and ball winders at the Marketplace…the vendor line-up is incredibly extensive). My classes all have supply lists, so that’s easy (although choosing which of my pretty stash sock yarns to use for my sock design class was excruciatingly difficult). And of course, I have a new traveling sock to work on; plain stocking stitch in a beautiful bluey-green yarn from Saffron Dyeworks. (Should I happen to finish this pair while I’m away, I’m sure I’ll be able to get my hands on some more yarn to start another pair!).

The weather is finally starting to act like summer, so shorts, skirts and tank tops with a couple of hand knit shawls to wear/show off if the convention centre is air conditioned or the nights are cool.

What about exercise gear and clean eats?

My hotel has a fitness centre (although you never know what type of equipment you’ll have to work with until you get there…), so I’ll be packing running shoes, shorts and workout tanks. I’ve already loaded my iPod up with a new playlist (I’m loving anything Lady Gaga these days!).

With all the sitting (car ride, lectures and workshops) and standing around (receptions, marketplace and downtown Portland shopping), I’ll definitely need to get a couple of workouts in. My typical travel training sessions usually focus on cardio (short burst treadmill intervals) and body weight exercises (squats, pushups, planks and dips), although depending on the caliber of the gym, I may be able to get in some heavier lifting as well.

Clean eating supplies are a bit more difficult. I’ll be crossing the border, so can’t take any fresh fruits or veggies with me. Not sure how big the mini-fridge in the hotel will be, so I daren’t risk too many things that need to be kept cold. So, eggs, Greek yogurt and cooked chicken breasts are out (my friend and roommate will be thankful that I’m leaving the hard cooked eggs at home!).

Protein powder (to add to water or milk), raw oats, dried fruit and some nuts will have to be my staples. I can make some protein bars before I leave and buy fruit and veggies when I get there. Maybe I’ll even get to visit Trader Joes! My biggest challenges will be to (1) avoid baked goods at the coffee shops (my downfall πŸ™ ) and (2) make sure I get enough lean protein at restaurant meals (while resisting the fries…).

Last thing on my to-do list? Input all my on-line Ravelry friends’ cell phone numbers into my iPhone. We’re planning a ‘live’ meet up and I truly think that this will be the very best part of Sock Summit!

Stay tuned; we have free Wi-Fi at the conference and I’m hoping to blog from there…

Are you an over-packer or an under-packer when you travel?

Have you ever met up (in the flesh) with any online friends?

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  1. I try to underpack when I can, and that is easy if I don’t travel with the kids! As for meeting online friends, I have done that twice. The first time was in Seattle. I have been with an online group of moms for almost 10 years, and most of them are based in Chicago and New York. I am the only Canadian and the only one on the west coast. She works for Boeing, and was in Seattle, so I drove down to meet her. It was awesome. We really hit it off, and it makes the online relationship that much better. Have a great time at your conference!

  2. I’m an underpacker normally. I am always comfortable in my house when I am packing and can’t even dream of adding a jacket..or extra warm clothes …stuff like that.

    but I do end up taking every shirt I love.


    • I think I overpacked Cindy. Can’t decide which hand knit things to wear, whether I should believe the weather forecast or not, how sensible it is to bring my totally cool new Fluevog shoes which still need a bit of breaking in…

      No problem deciding on knitting projects or workout stuff though!

      • ohhh, I just googled your shoes and they look CUTE…except um, not sure what kind you have.

        but I love the style!

        think of the heavier bag as a workout and don’t sweat it!
        HAVE FUN!!!

        • Cindy, I got the Wearever Tav sandals in black. They are sooo comfy and I got them “on sale, for a really good price” as I keep telling my hubby!
          Talk to you when I get back…

  3. Your trip sounds WONDERFUL — all of it! Have a incredible time. What fun.

  4. I packed just about perfectly. I could’ve left a couple things behind – extra workout top & shorts — but overall I was happy! I did forget a jacket (was supposed to wear it to the airport) but didn’t miss it.