Non-traditional uses for your bathroom scale

I am no longer friends with the scales in my bathroom.

We used to see each other regularly, in various stages of undress. I thought we understood each other. Now I see that I’ve been misled. This relationships is no longer a healthy one and needs to end. Right. Now.

Why, you ask?

Well, no matter how clean my diet, how challenging and frequent my workouts, how well hydrated I am, the scale stubbornly refuses to budge. Stuck perpetually at 145 pounds.

This makes no sense to me. My jeans fit great. I’m happy with how I look in a bikini. I’m working out six days a week and lifting heavier than ever. Yesterday I did 80 (!) freakin’ pushups in under ten minutes.

I think it’s time. Time to find another use for the bathroom scales.

How about a headstone for the goldfish’s burial site?

Or an extra body to make me legal in the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane?

The glass one would make a lovely centerpiece.

Maybe a chopping board?

Or possibly a picture frame? (Awww, what a cute kid!)

For a more mundane option, try it as a plant stand. Or a place to stack extra toilet paper rolls. Or a computer mouse pad?

The options are only as limited as your imagination! Are you with me? Shall we stop with the incessant weigh-ins?

How often do you weigh yourself?
How would you re-purpose your bathroom scales?

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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. Oh, I love your scale ideas – especially the chopping board! I almost never weigh myself. How I feel and how my clothes fit is more important to me.

    • I so agree with you. That’s usually how I approach weight loss too, but lately I’ve been a little hung up on numbers. Mid life crisis perhaps!

  2. Sounds like you already reached perfection, so the scale becomes irrelevant. Think the scale has just been hinting to you that you have been able to pack muscle and bone really well and that you’re wonderfully fit. Love your creativity. I like that picture frame one. But then again the center piece is quite lovely. No, wait — the chopping board. That’s my favorite.

  3. Ah, didn’t answer posed questions. I weigh myself kinda for entertainment. I don’t take it seriously. Lately,sometimes daily, sometimes every few days — just because one is around now. Before February, I never weighed myself because I don’t own a scale. Had no idea how much I weighed for years. If I re-purposed the scale I’ve been using, my mother would kill me. (It’s hers. :))

  4. If my jeans fit perfectly and I looked great in a bikini, I would never weigh myself. As neither of those have been true for many, many years, I weight myself every morning hoping I have magically lost a couple of pounds overnight. It hasn’t worked yet, but maybe one day…

  5. Oh I am so with you on this one. 150 is my nemesis, and yet I work out almost daily (at PM too – and I just happend across your blog LOL), and eat pretty well (ok, it could be better…). What really irks me is that I didn’t work out like usual for the last two weeks because my husband was out of town, and I LOST weight. Broke the 150 mark for the first time in ages. Now I’m back up again. I weigh myself every few days.

    • Did you eat better because your husband was out of town? I find it harder to eat clean when he (and my kids!) are around, but left to my own devices (i.e. no requests for pizza or dessert!) I do very well!
      Next time you’re in the gym, look for me (my real name is Tamara and you can find my pic on the Personal Trainer’s board). Would love to put a face to an e-mail address!


    I still use mine but anymore, it’s a reminder that it’s LOST it’s POWER over me!

    80 push ups!!!! RIGHT ON!

    I would trade mine in for a new camera!
    tee hee

  7. The kids are in swim club, and the practies are right over dinner, so I pack fruits/veg for them to eat on the way home so that buys me about half an hour to get dinner ready without them wanting to chew off the table legs. I just found that I was so busy that I probably didn’t eat as much as normal, and would pack extra fruit for me on the way home in the car from swimming. I was hoping the weight loss wasn’t from loss of muscle, but I highly doubt a missed week or two of working out would have that much of an effect (I hope not anyways!).

  8. Glad I made you laugh!
    I think we all need to treat our weight loss demons a little more lightly!
    Hope you come back and get inspired to jump back on your fitness and nutrition wagon!


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