The knee bone’s connected to the…

Well, my knee is still a bit wonky. I taught Step classes Sunday and Monday morning. Both were pretty high energy but didn’t seem to bother it. I laid off the lunges and limited my range of motion during squats. So far so good.

Monday’s lunch time spin class, however was another story.

Low tension was fine. Sprinting was fine. Standing climbs were okay… until I hit about 75% of maximum tension. Ouch. Not a sharp, piercing ouch, just a dull, back off kind of ouch. So I did. More ice and ibuprofen last night helped.

This morning I was determined to get back to my training. Phase 2, Workout A of NROL for Abs. Lunges, 2-point bent over rows, dead lifts and chest presses. Lunges felt okay (although I admit to being extremely cautious with the positioning of my knee). Surprisingly, it was the bent over rows that got me!

No, not my knee, my lower back. Specifically, the same lower back pain that sidelined me about 20 months ago. Why the back now?

That’s how the human body works. It’s one long kinetic chain. Everything is connected. When something isn’t working, another body part will happily help out, sometimes to it’s detriment.

In my case, being protective of a sore knee resulted in me lifting with my back rather than with my legs. Bending over to pick up 30 pound dumbbells incorrectly led directly to strain on my lower back.

I’m thinking that the remainder of this week will be about rest and recovery, which means, of course, that my nutrition must be bang on; and with Easter just around the corner.

A tough week to have to hold back on training. I’m down 3 pounds in a week due to dialing in my nutrition and meeting my exercise goals and I don’t want to lose steam.

How’s your week shaping up?

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Looking for an inexpensive way to jump-start your journey to fitness and health? Join my online Bootcamp today! Get more info by clicking the image below.


  1. Hi! Dealing with inflamed nerves in my lower back due to work and African dance classes. Taking ibuprofen, skipping the anti-inflammation med(gives me a headache)..Very frustrated but finally accepting the fact that I must back off of my African dance classes that my back just can’t hack anymore. Will stick to biking, swimming, and walking once my back is up to par.
    *Take care when you are injured. Doing too much too soon can send you backwards. I appreciate your fitness perspective.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It’s so frustrating when our bodies conspire to keep us from the activities we love. I have ended up taking almost a week off due to a terrible head and chest cold. Probably a good thing I got sick; it would have been much harder to resist the urge to workout otherwise!
    Take care of your back and don’t be hesitant to see a professional about it. I’ve been to physio for lower back pain and it did wonders!

  3. Came to your blog from the freshly pressed page. I, too, am a fellow avid exerciser. Training this weekend to be an RPM instructor. I’m not a spring chicken (47) and sometimes it’s hard to find the balance between “going for it” and protecting my joints, especially my knees. Glad I came across your inspiring blog. Inspiring. πŸ™‚

    • I haven’t been a spring chicken for awhile either (44 this spring), although sometimes I forget that I’m not and try to keep up with the younger ones in my classes! Good luck with your RPM training.


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