Fitness clothes that inspire and motivate | EleVenbyVenus

If you’re a regular to this site, you’ll know that I don’t partner with brands very often.

In addition to not wanting to dilute your reading pleasure with too many ads and sponsored posts ( ;-) ), I just haven’t found very many brands whose mission statements resonate with my own (and that I love enough to happily spend my money on…)

A brand who celebrates women, in all their various sizes, shapes and colours, regardless of whether they’re an athlete, weekend warrior or yogi.

A brand who encourages and empowers us to push past doubts and limitations, not just in sport, but in all aspects of our lives.

A brand whose ambassadors are energetic, compassionate, up-lifting and joy-filled women, many of whom I’m happy to call friends.

A brand who creates refreshingly unique workout clothing that not only functions well during exercise, but makes you feel strong and feminine to boot.

Can you guess which brand I’m talking about? (Hint, I’ve been contributing essays to her blog for about six months now…).

That’s right. I’m now an Ambassador for EleVenbyVenus!

In the words of Venus Williams herself…



In addition to working with a fantastic team of fellow Ambassadors (go #teamEleVenByVenus) and having the opportunity to provide feedback on the clothing line, I also get to share something with you.

A discount code.

So you can sample the outfits I’ve been sharing on Instagram for yourself!

Below are four of my current faves; all from her newest collection. Don’t you just love the lavender? And the ruching on the tank tops? So pretty!

Save 10% by adding my special discount code Team11TamaraG  in the coupon code box during checkout. (This discount applies to all new, full-price items; but there are lots of great pieces on sale too, with free shipping on orders over $50).


PicMonkey Collage

I’d love to know which pieces excite you! (Note the plural here; so much to love)

And take a moment to share why YOU’RE an ‘EleVen’ too.


Disclosure: As part of my Ambassadorship, I also receive a small commission on all purchases made via my site. I consider this a win-win situation; you get great clothes at a discounted price and I get thanked for referring you.

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